I wore a pair of plain black lace-up ankle boots with a 2 inch heel and 10 denier hold-up stockings under my jeans whilst doing my weekly supermarket shop.  I was in the place an hour and walked up and down every aisle.  I dont know how, but no-one even noticed - womens' shoes with a heel have a completely different sound from mens' when you walk on hard surfaces in them - it is such a giveaway.  Womens' shoes make your feet seem so much smaller its hard to believe they are your own when you switch from mens'.  The feeling of the stockings on my legs and my stocking covered feet inside the boots and even the height of the small heel made me want to sway my hips in a feminine way as I strolled up the aisles; but I had to resist. 

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

awesome feeling isn't it? The sound difference is quite a thrill too! I'm dissappointed that none of the ladies in the store noticed though!

Lucky you, did it bring you on?<br />
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