I've been staring at the screen for an hour now, trying to think of something to write about. No luck. :-/

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Be right there..oopsie!!

*giggles at Scooby*

*I owe you one comment*

"cool" <br />
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I believe that's a relative term, my sweet...

Deal. Because I'm the same. The cold is a nice change occasionally. But brrrrrrr!! I had enough of it this winter, I'm basking in the sunshine now.

Oh phooey!! What's up with everyone having fun without me? I think you all schedule this and don't invite me. I can comment - I just can't write!! :-P<br />
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Des!!! :-) Move away from the Frozen North and hang out with me, it's 90 degrees here! :D <br />
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Wiseowl - I don't know about writer's block, but I love your owlie emoticon!! It's uber cute. <br />
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QM - I don't know if it qualifies as divergent when you've given me several things to write about. <br />
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Much more interesting than toenails. (Sorry Ana...)

I think Once should write about writers it feels... how she tries to unlock wierd people like QM etc come along with divergent comments ...meanwhile observing how guitars gently detune while waiting listlessly to be wilt in thier vases and manic moneymakers rape our planet

I've been staring at the screen for 3 days and nothing..I saw your post & sounded like me.I can't even think of a toe nail comment..ho hum.:>} That's pretty blank for me.

you guys are fun!

I'm doing my job then. :-)

"Dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with Bullsh*t"

He skated out of that one quite nicely, I believe...

Writers, like magicians never reveal their secrets. Though I'm not claiming to be either.

My very last couple or the last couple before that? Because my last couple were inspired by the couple before that. The couple before that were inspired because I felt in kind of a silly mood and the group popped up in my recent stories box.

I'm just wondering how you got inspired for your last couple of stories, Scooby.

I like to look at different groups and get ideas. Or just listen to lyrics as I'm doing other stuff. Sometimes the stuff on my ipod or the radio just strikes that chord at the right time and viola! Or you could always write about tacos.... o-O

Good idea Ana. I shall ponder that and write you a story. About my toe.<br />
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FF - It's ok. I have this guitar. It's handy for beating away the pervs. :-)

Only if you want the foot fetishists up your cute little nekkid behind!