Writers Block!!

Im a hobby novelist...i have some works out there but ive been stuck with a bloody Writers Block that isnt gonna budge at all! i have 3 stories...one in english and one in my native language swedish...and im stuck on all of them! wish that this would go away and dont come back!
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While I have made some sales, I still am what the IRS classifies as a hobby business because I haven't actually earned any royalties because it will be at least another year before my novels are in the market place of ideas.<br />
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One thing that really helped me develop as a writer was to work with a freelance editor named Rennie Brown (Google: The Editorial Department). Ms Brown co-authored the book Self Editing for Fiction Writers which is well worth reading. Most freelance editors are English Professors who don't know very much about how to craft fiction, agents who need a side business, and writers who also need a side business because they aren't having much luck selling their work. <br />
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Ms Brown could cost you about $850, but she and one other freelance editor would go through the manusc<x>ript, twice, and put comments into the manusc<x>ript so when you do your revisions you just work from one comment to another.<br />
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I looked at a novel for a person in my writers group, but he rejected everything I said because he'd paid an English Professor, who had never written or sold a novel, $800 to go through his manusc<x>ript and she said it was just fine. In this writers mind a free opinion is worth what you p[aid for it, nothing.

To HallieParker: I have the habit of revisiting my stories and read them through after a period of time and if a story keeps reminding me I come back to it and write some more on it and the writer´s blockade usually fades away for a brief period. As I stated: I´m a HOBBY writer, I write for fun and while it amuses me I keep writing. I haven´t gotten anything published since I feel that i need to work on my stories more and when I'm satisfied I probably will try and get my finished work published.

Writer's block has a number of causes, but mainly you have lost interest in the story as a reader of your own work or you need a better understanding of the writer's craft. Recently I abandoned a novel that had about 20,000 words written because I had lost interest in the story. This happens from time to time still have have sold two novels since June of 2009 and have three more with agents and publishers.