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Stupid Inspiration

Isn’t it typical? When I was in Gothenburg about a month ago visiting my best friend I got really, really, really inspired to write on my story, but back then I had a math test to study for and a paper on the Genocide in Rwanda to write for my history class and I didn’t have a copy of my story, and the information-files about the characters with me. So the writing had to wait until later.

Now I’m home, I have no more math before summer, the paper on Rwanda is finished and I have everything for my story right here. And where is my inspiration? Totally gone of course!
Faraklin Faraklin 36-40, F 3 Responses May 2, 2012

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Creativity is found in limitation. That's life. I suppose it makes sense, you need an outlet when you're stressed out, and when you're finished whats stressed you out you feel satisfied to have accomplished something, no need for an outlet anymore. Its frustrating, but embrace that frustration, maybe that anger will be what calls back that inspiration.

that is good advice

That is bad. As an amateur writer myself, I know exactly how you feel. Often, I have to travel by bus for two whole hours to get to my college, which is in another city. During the travel, I would get insane surges if inspiration - literally entire scenarios playing out within the confines of my mind, like a thundering desire and I know that I must write it down! He, he, but you try writing in a bus that's rocking & rolling all the time. By the time I get a chance to write it's all gone. As advice, I would suggest listening to your favorite music, while trying to run the scenarios in your head. It might revive your inspiration, or some of it, or give you a completely new idea altogether.<br />
BTW, I think that that's not the worst that can happen to a writer's inspiration. What often happens to me, and I kid you not, I get that same surge of inspiration, rush to my computer, open MS Word, put my fingers on the keyboard, aaaand... zilch. Nothing. I can't write. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

Sorry for that lost inspiration. For sure it would come out to surface. We'll be waiting patiently.