Did I Use Up My Creativity Having Kids??

Okay now, this is ridiculous, I have kids and I still like hard rock music, naturally more selective when I do play it, I still like jalapenos on most any food but where the heck is my ability to write?  Did I throw it out with the dirty diapers, wash it in the upteenth load of laundry, or is it lost with that paci that I couldn't find when I needed it...but hey that showed up in the pots and pans recently so where the heck is my writing ability?

bloodcountess bloodcountess
2 Responses Sep 24, 2008

I often find that there is a time when I really kick into gear what I want to write about. Its almost and always the hours before I go to bed. Write at different times and you'll find when its great for you to be creative.

When I had kids in the house, I was too busy with them to really devote attention to my writing the way I would have liked. I've never been good at biting off 10 minutes of writing at a time. I'm more of the write until it's all written and there is nothing left to say type which does not go hand in hand with raising children. <br />
I hope you find the balance for both. I know many people do. Perhaps you'll be the next Erma Bombeck exploiting your escapades as a mother into your writing. We could use another Erma.