Good Mood = Writer's Block?! What?

Does anyone else have this problem?

It seems that when I am the most stressed out, sick or weighed down with school work, that I have the most creative juices. When I am feeling good and the general events of life are going well (or at the least, staying out of my way), then I can't bring my pen to paper (or keyboard to word processor.... "pen to paper" is more poetic.)

It doesn't seem right.... my Spring Break had great blocks of time which were perfect for writing..... only nothing came of it. I was too.... relieved to be out for a week. And then I was with my girlfriend, and my mood skyrocketed. I've added nary a word to my current projects while I've been with her.

And its not like I'm complaining. She offered to put me in a bad mood, and I love her for the offer. It just seems so unfair that a good mood should sap away your creative juices.

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I started writing as a hobby business. Because I hoped to get published I worked at my hobby business a set number of hours each week. For me it was two hours a day six or seven days a week (12 to 14 hours a week) because a hobby business is actually a real part time job even though you are working on spec which means you hope to get paid for your work at some time in the future. I have been out of work since June of 2009 and took Social Security at age 62 because I doubt that I can find a job doing something that is more interesting to me than writing Christian fiction (I know all Christian writing is fiction, I've already heard that) and being published is only part of the rewards of the writer's life. Now I write about five or six hours a day five days a week. While I have sold two novels and have three with agents and publishers I would be working my hobby job because like any hobby it is personally rewarding. Before you marry a girl be sure that she understands that writing fiction is, for you, like gold is to so many husbands.

LOL, I have a muse with a twisted sense of humor as well. The best story ideas come to me at the most inopportune times. I've started carrying an mp3 pla<x>yer with a voice recording function. I can blurt out my ideas into it without losing them.

i am inspired in the most inconvenient of times, as well. my muse has a sick sense of humor.

i am inspired in the most inconvenient of times, as well. my muse has a sick sense of humor.

Then you truly have the soul of an artist. :)<br />
Many of us, published or not, draw our inspiration from our own pain or angst.<br />
<br />
I'm afraid what it comes down to is setting aside an hour (or more if you can) a day that is exclusively for writing. All in your life must understand this. Then no matter what mood you are in, no matter what else is going on (within reason), you sit and you write...regardless of what comes out of you. It's like a work ethic.