Inspiration Can Sometimes Come Best From Another

I have been in a writers block for a long time now.

Now the problem is, is that it's not so much stories in general I find I get writer's block in, but rather MY stories that I have thought up on my own, and are actually underway.

I have a lot of inspiration, but just at the wrong moment, or I'll have an idea to a certain point, but write myself into a hole of sorts where I have this 'blank' spot/event, where I've written everything before that point, and know what I want afterwards, but struggle to find a satisfying go-between somewhere between cliche-and-boring and as-if.

I have this problem with a co-authored original piece I'm working on. It's actually a trilogy, and it seemes everything but this one, big, ugly crevasse inbetween the middle and climax of Book 1 where I have no inspiration. I feel like others are counting on me, (since It was originally my idea, and I still feel I'm doing 90% of the work) but there's so many intricate details I need to figure out so it's cohesive with the rest of the story.

Although, I find I'm a lot better at helping others develop and create. I find the muse is sometimes intrigued by a different perspective, or if someone gives me their idea, I'll find a way to make it better. I've actually wanted to try this out with someone, and I'm offering beta services (have never been a beta reader before, so this is a new adventure for me!)

Also, a question...

How many people in this experience have accounts on and

Don't be shy, I'd love for someone to talk about creative writing with!


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same, i'm in the middle of one story and have the middle bit of it, i just can't think of a way to get the characters to that point and what to do with them afterwards. Would love to read what you've writen and give you some ideas :) x