My Muse Is Missing

I used to write a couple of poems a week.  It's been a couple years since I had an idea for one, and it's kinda sad.  I have been told to write whether I have something to say or not, without worrying if it's any good.  That seems pretty smart.  But maybe my life as a poet is just something that's passed on.  I had a few published in wee little magazines that maybe 10 people might've read.  That'll have to do!  :)

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Writer write because that is what God has given them the talent and drive to do. Emily Dickens was virtually unpublished in her life time. And Beatrick Potter was rejected over and over again because publishers didn't know what to do with something that was well written, but different than what was on the market. Agents and book editors look at the marketability of a manusc<x>ript ba<x>sed on what shelf the book would occupy in a bookstore so sometimes the manusc<x>ript it just so good they don't know what to do with it.<br />
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John Kennedy O'Toole won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature about a decade after he committed suicide because no one wanted is wonderful book, A Confederacy of Dunces. His mother kept sending the manusc<x>ript out until the University of Louisiana published his novel with a press run of 2,000 books. His other book, The Neon Bible, which he wrote at age 16, is better than A Confederacy of Dunces. If you read either book you see a writer with what is not really an unusual problem the story is different and the writing is wonderful agents and book editors don't know how to shelve the book so they reject it.<br />
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So back to my premise, writers write even if they don't get published because that is what God gave them as a talent and a duty to use in a world that doesn't care much about individuals with a message or a story to tell.<br />
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And if one of the ten people who read your poems is inspired to do something to make their personal life better then what you wrote was worth writing and worth sending out for publication even if it is a smile and a I understand you girl. On the other hand you want fame, glory, and money you will probably be disappointed because what your write will have not soul or meaning it will just be something you read in a greeting card.<br />
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Please let me know if this has been of some help to you.

You've inspired me to give it a go, so hold onto that idea. :)

Thank you gal! It sounds like a good idea.