How Deeply, He'll Never Know

A friend has helped me out of some trouble. I started talking to him in December. We made pretty good friends out of each other. I accidentally fell in love with him. 

But he doesn't want me to be in love with him. So, I'm making an emotional distance. It's working. I'll always be his friend. 

I wrote this for him, but I'll never send it, since he doesn't want me to feel this way:

Dear D,
My Dedication to You:

May the love of science always enrich us,
May the inspirations we encounter nourish our conversations, 
May our passion and kisses be ever a carnal delight we enjoy,
   whenever we can make it so.
May we remind each other of truths, reasoning and lessons learned...
   to balance us when we forget how to balance ourselves.
May we constantly encourage and support each other to be individuals.
May we quest to better our bodies and minds for ourselves
   and for the world we want to affect.
May our friendship endure and prevail the worst of our habits.
And may you know that 
I want your happiness more than to keep you to relieve my hurt.
I declare this dedication inside my heart,
   from me to you:
I will be your friend,
No matter where you travel or who you see.
I will be your friend,
Sincere and loyal,
   and ever secure. 
I give to you now, this friendship.
Nothing more,
and nothing LESS...
  for as long as you breathe,
or for as long as I am able. 
I love you, D.

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36-40, F
2 Responses Apr 18, 2012

Thank you very much for reading and your compliments on this story.

Wow that is amazing. I can tell you definately write from your heart with great feeling and are very sincere. You're an amazing person who feels deeply. I wish nothing but happiness for you