Wondrous Experience

When I found myself unemployed last year, I took a week to read the entire Twilight series, then two to read the Anita Blake seires, another one for the Merry Gentry series (yes, I love Laurell K. Hamilton) then looked for books that did not include any vampires or fairies and was very disapointed.

I decided I wanted witches, magic, love and relationships but couldn' t find anything to read so I wrote it. In six weeks I had 230K words (no, I didn't sleep much and I'm fortunate to have grown up kids to make dinner for me). Then I started looking for an agent - very frustrating task.

I edited the novel, had an English Lit professor read it over for me, got a critique from an editor and finally decided to publish it myself. It's available in kindle while I revise the printed version. I will be on Amazon by the end of august 2010. The title of the book is The Magic and my name is Martyne Gagnon

What did I do with all the stuff I cut from it in edition? I started a second book, of course. I plan on a trilogy for these characters. A baby will be born somewhere in the story and I plan on making the adventures of that characters into a series.

Who knew writing was so addictive. I must say, I am fortunate to have people around me who understand when I spend a lot of time in my imaginary world with my imaginary friends and forget all about the real ones. I have been re-engineering my life for a few years now and this is what I want to do with the rest of it, I'll write, teach and travel. Yay me!

I love the writing process, the character building, the settings you have to create for those character to live in. I guess I've discovered myself a passion for it.
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Keep it going, best of luck to you

Go Martyne! Wow, I need some of that mojo you're working with! Gonna go find The Magic and I'm sure that I'll look forward to reading more!