Four, In Fact...

Writing anything short has almost always come hard for me.  I just get so caught up in the (often dozens) of characters in my stories that it's hard for me to write anything BUT a novella or novel.  In fact, I specialize more in serials, stories which top one hundred chapters.  Even my shorter stories usually top 5000 words.

In the late Eighties and early Nineties, I started a series which I called D Is For Damien after the second novel (see my experience "The Writing Of Lucifer").  The first two novels, Lucifer and D Is For Damien, were written over an extended period of time--years--and so the plots and style were rather inconsistent.  Add to this the fact that I wrote them over a decade ago, and they ended up being two seriously flawed novels.  Still, they were novels, and not many high school students can say they've written not only one but two.  The original completed version of Lucifer topped 62,000 words, and the original completed draft of its sequel D Is For Damien topped 66,000.

I did start work on the third novel in the series, Sidekicks, but never managed to finish it despite going back to it repeatedly over following years.  I was simply too distracted by too many other writing interests.  As a result many of the proposed novels in the series (I just kept coming up with ideas for titles and vague plots and kept adding them to the growing planned series) were started but never finished.  The much-later The Scorpio Murders reached a significant length before I abandoned work on it for something else.  I also got very far through an unrelated novel about alien abductions, True Believers, but didn't finish it either.

For some reason, there was a third novel in the D4D series which I did finish, even though it wasn't the third, nor the fourth, nor the fifth was somewhere in the teens!  This novel was Minot and perhaps one of the reasons why I managed to finish it was because it was set in a different location and featured new characters to the series and took on a growing interest of mine, ritual abuse.  Minot was finished in late high school or early college and topped 61,000 words--shorter than the other two, but better written, due to it being written in a reasonable time frame (not over a period of years) and at a later period (when I'd developed my writing skills a bit more).

In college, I decided to finally try something I'd never tried before:  plotting the ENTIRE novel before even starting work on it.  I wished to redo an awful childhood story of mine based on Egyptian mythology, Horus (unrelated to the D4D series), and so, utilizing a plotting technique I'd read about in Writer's Digest, I sketched out the rough idea, all the scenes and chapters, and put them in order in an outline.  I also did an extensive amount of reading and research despite my existing interest in ancient Egypt and took detailed notes as I wanted this novel to be as real as a fantasy novel could be.  I even made rough maps and sketches of locations in the story.

This might have gone on for quite a while had not the computer monitor decided to die in the middle of all my notetaking.  This was the sort of kick I needed to tell myself, "I already KNOW enough!  Start writing already!"  My dad managed to find a free monitor to replace the dead one, and the writing of Horus began.

This novel, when finished, topped 70,000 words--the longest novel I'd written yet--and was finished in the space of a mere two months, much unlike any of my others.  I was quite proud of myself for this accomplishment, and soon started work on the prequel/sequel, Osiris, in much the same way...but as with so many novels before it, I never finished.  I guess I was just distracted by other things, as it wasn't like I had no clue what was to happen--it was all plotted out!

After going online, I challenged myself to attempt writing an online serial, Manitou Island, which, when finished after a little over two years and 110 chapters, topped 380,000 words.  Its sequel, Return To Manitou Island, reached over 605,000 words.  And two other as-yet unfinished serials I'm currently working on are even longer than that--one may even top one million words at some point.  Obviously, my old record of 70,000 words was shattered once and for all.

I recently decided to rewrite Lucifer and, after that, D Is For Damien and possibly Minot.  (Horus needs more work as well, but isn't included in the series.)  Lucifer looks like it might turn out to be about twice as long as it previously was, this time around.  I have hopes of at last getting to work on the other, numerous unfinished novels in the series and of someday completing them as well--though that's for another experience.  But this was how, basically, my four existing novels came into existence.  May more follow them someday!


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I'm impressed! Writing a novel is something I've always wanted to, but haven't been able to put together anything meaningful yet. All the best in your writing, and I hope to read them some day!

I am amazed!! I know how you feel. I, too get distracted and leave my work... but thats okay.. I've got so many ideas. And the novel I'm working on now, I left and wrote a play and screenplay then went back to and wrote 7 chapters. I'm leaving it again for another idea... but it keeps my writer's block from getting too bad... I would like to hear more about your novels. I am very interested. Have a wonderful day. Leelee