The alleyway was dark and secluded. The night sky was littered with stars and the moon illuminated our way into the alley. Our footsteps made no sound as we neared our usual place. The buildings on either side were unoccupied and had a haunted look about them. The windows were barred and crude graffiti adorned the walls. Silence hung about in the air, but none of these disturbed us at all. We were used to it. We grew up in it. We welcomed it.

I lit up a cigarette and leaned against the cracked wall, my friends copying my stance. We stood there silently, almost nonchalantly, but we were waiting. Waiting for our next victim.

At last, he appeared. A thin, lanky figure wearing a white buttoned-up shirt and blue jeans. I felt the others getting excited, but one look from me told them that it was not time yet. They nodded and continued smoking as the figure slowly neared us, not realizing that he was walking into a trap.

We lay in the shadows as the boy walked past us. We were almost hidden, but if one looked closely, they would’ve seen us. And as if sensing our predatory gaze, he glanced furtively at us, but quickly looked away. Yet, he wasn’t quick enough to hide the fear in his eyes as soon as he recognized us.

I inhaled the smoke in deeply and stubbed the cigarette under my feet, nodding at my friends. The others pushed themselves off the wall and advanced towards him. I noticed his pace quickening but the others just walked leisurely towards him. Then he broke into a run, bounding towards the end of the alleyway. My friends easily caught up to him and pinned him to the wall. One of them scooped up some brickbats and threw them at his face. Another smacked him with his fist. The boy screamed in pain and started crying. His crying made me howl in laughter as I neared the group.

The others backed away, letting me take control of the fight. I held the weakling by the shoulders and thrust him to the ground, instantly hearing a crack, which meant his nose broke. I didn’t care. No one gets away contradicting me. He deserved it. I clearly remember how he stood up to me in front of the whole school that day. Well, he had made a very grave mistake. Now, he was going to pay dearly for it.

My friends chanted and urged me on as I pulled the boy’s hair and yanked his head up, delivering a punch to his jaw. Blood was oozing out of his nose and mouth, trickling down his jaw and staining his white shirt. I ceased my attacks and let him slump to the ground. I wondered if he would fight back. After all, a fight without a challenge is no fun. I silently dared him to make a move. The others all the while pestered and sneered at him.

When I was sure that he wouldn’t get up, I advanced a step towards him. Suddenly, he raised a bloody hand and pleaded in a croaking voice, “Please…”

I stopped. The boy’s pleading voice, frightened face reminded me of someone. The others were surprised by the sudden disruption of the fight. They looked at me, waiting for orders.

I gazed at the boy with a frown. Whom did he remind me of? I felt like I had seen something similar before. Something which sparked a strange feeling inside me. Was it guilt? Pity? Never.

The boy dabbed at his broken lopsided nose and tried to stand up. One of my friends jerked him down and thumped his head. They waited for me to give the signal again. They were afraid that I might get offended if they start hitting him when it was clearly my turn.

Then, as I suddenly remembered with a jolt, I took a deep breath and started to walk away, hearing the others gasp.

“But -” one of them started.

I raised a hand and he instantly stopped. Then they hesitantly followed me, throwing inquisitive glances at the limp figure of the boy lying on the ground.

I had never let my victims go without paying for their insolence. I had never felt pity before. But, that was before I realised whom the boy reminded me of.

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