A Short Thriller

A couple spends holidays in the countryside. They rented an old cottage. Exploring the attic, they found a coffer. Inside a metal box. They open the box. It contains an old parchment with a plan ... is it a treasure? NO, its not! its a key. They explore the attic some more when they hear a noise above them. They look up and nothing is there. Walking down from the attic they get a phone call, the girl answers the phone and nobody is on the other side of the line so she hangs up. The guy is searching all through the house to find a lock matching the key that they had discovered. He eventually comes across a little door, he calls his girlfriend in so they can unlock it together. The key slides in easily and the door creaks open. Its dark in the little opeining so they get a flashlight. Shining it through the door, they see blood on the walls and a message saying look to the left. Confused, they close the door and look to their left only to see a group of little beat up dolls, that are stitched together and all tattered and used. Slowly limping towards the couple, the dolls come to a sudden stop as they fall to the floor.
Carmelracoon Carmelracoon
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Holy wow! That was good, I liked the touch at the end, it's a common idea but it was used very nicely here.