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I Am Going to Have to Find the Rest

  I have had a lot of time and a lot places to write poetry, especially with the type of feelings that fill me up. Of course you are your own critic so I don't think my poetry is good while it has vanished for a while. *Shrugs* I will be trying to find it but until then let me post a few of my selections that I do have laying around. I hope that you enjoy!

What If? ©2005


What if you awoke one morning as a rose?

Your arms uplifted as wide green leaves,

And your face a lovely blossom.

All day the sun would light you up

Except for when it rained.

And during the night your dewy tears

Would help highlight your beauty

What if you awoke one morning as a rose?







Janay’s Ode ©2008


Sweet mother sighs

Lost and confused

Working to support her family

Her heart aches to reach wistfully

Embracing her tender child near

His impish smile dancing on his lips

Life twinkling in his eyes

She opens her eyes to darkness and metal

The sound of people all around

Her baby is miles away in another home

While she sleeps in a homeless shelter

Wanting to hold him tight

But only able to visit and watch him grow

By hours instead of days

Her child so far yet so near

Sweet mother continues to hope

Maybe one day not too far away

She can hold her baby tight all night long

Singing lullabies in his tiny ear

Rocking him in her ample lap

Sweet mother's dream will come true

Hopefully sooner than expected

Of reuniting with her seed

But now she only dreams








The Rose In Bloom ©2004


In the midst of a ruined garden,
Protected by a statue of Cupid,
Grew a silent mystery...
Surrounded by wild weeds growing high,
And flowering bushes grown amok.
In the darkness of looming shadows
Stood a single rose.
Petals of raven-black embraced it close,
As breezes caress the branches.
The angry thorns surrounded the princess,
Mute bodyguards to her fate.
Rising desolate in a world of chaos
The tender little bud grew strong.
Finally a single beam of light cut through,
Highlighting the surviving daughter.
Tenderly petals slowly started to open
And the princess became a queen,
In full bloom she lent her mysterious grace
To an abandoned garden.







Fog-Covered Cemetery ©2004


Left alone and untended in the field,
The little river's whisper softly lulls
A cradled cemetary in its hold.
Social headstones rise alone
Cold and mute guards as the river fog rises
Tenderly, curls wind through
Touching and pulling back.
Awe-struck at the dourness,
Respecting the wish of peace.
Twittering birds flutter down,
A squirrel's tail flicks...
Gentle chirring breaks through.
Then softly the wind blows
Cruelly tearing and driving away the fog,
A full moon smiles softly in her court,
Reaching down and caressing,
Her silver beams blessing the beds of the dead.







                               Atomic Bomb ©2008


There is no space within my walls,

No happiness that will becalm the gales

Nor the dripping waters of winter,

The nostalgic voices of ancient memories past,

Vibrate until there is nothing else to hear….




The wails of lunacy intertwine around the trees,

Howling, screaming, pounding.

Breaking into my last sanctuary.







                         The Blessing In My Life ©2009


There are times when I despair and raged,

 A Caged beast caught by its leg.

There are times when I dance under a moon,

Insane by its poisonous clear beams.

But within all of my possession I find myself caught,

Dancing in joy as I heed the call.

Life sucks, people are dense and time seems to leer,

But there is hope in times of ill.

I feel the presence at my side,

The warmth of a smile across a room.

Like a warm river flowing, it is so near

 And yet far enough to warrant protection.

What can I say for I am blessed,

Who is to know the happiness that weighs me down?

There is joy within my heart,

The type that refuses to be crushed by my own despair.

It’s he that I look forward to in the dawn,

The one I snuggle with at night to a soothing lullaby of his heart.

There is strength and gentleness,

Happiness and unjudging except for in my own heart.

Why is there only struggles on my part to understand?

Who can tell if I am such a fool to go with this knowledge hidden?

To the rhythms of his breathing and love,

To the tattoo of his joy and pulse,

I dance in the ecstasy of what he is offering me now….

Perhaps I won’t be too late!




Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F 2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

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*Blushes* Thanks for your comment and I am happy that you enjoy my poetry. Some of my other poetry that I have is darker and more of the goth-type sounding but it matched my mood at the time. I will refresh my efforts to find my poetry for you....

It's stunning :) You transport me to those places in your mind, to those moments. Not only is your poetry very sincere, but it is beautifully written. When I read it, you took me away with your feelings. Thank you! And please find the rest, I will enjoy reading it.