If Only We Went Back In Time

My Fantasy:

When 365 days ago, we  shared our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls with each other. We shared a feeling so deep that simply cannot be put into words. A year ago, at this time I was riding to the airport to meet you,,  

A year ago we reinvented and reborn together, we fell in love, and you felt home with me.   .In my heart you will always be more than just a sweet memory of the past or the love that was, more than that. I only walked away because you asked me to, because it will make you happier, not having me -  than being in a LDR,   but my heart is never letting you go.

That space you filled in will always be there for you,  there will always be that space in my heart for you even though you have given up on us.  

I still cry when I remember you, still have sleepless nights, still wake up on early morning,  I still think on you constantly and you are always in my thoughts before I sleep, when I wake up.   I still look for your notes,  I still wish in the end there will be you and me and I still wish you loved me. I guess I will always love you. I will always love that discipline man within you, the sweet you, the sensitive you, the affectionate you. And I will always miss the sweet words, your jokes to me,  your loving notes, your admiring glances, the tight hugs, the sweet slow kisses, your touch, your high, your comfort, the feeling of being safe, your beautiful eyes, your big smile, your cute nose , our long chatting, the daily update of your dream,  our get aways, our dreams, our dinners, the holding hands, our pictures taken,  the late nights loving us.  

I will always look back to the places we have been with that special joy in my heart. The time we spent was brief and yes I loved every minute of it and I will always cherish them. It will not only be good to me while it only lasts, as it will always be good, even when it's over.  

I always told you that you came for a reason into my life. And yes, it is true, you have taught me to love unconditionally no matter how painful it is. The love we shared will always be remembered, will always bring that smile in my heart with no regrets.

Times spent with you will always be remembered with tears and joy as it was the joyous and tearful in this past year.  

If only we went back in time, a year ago, when we met and knew then...we were the perfect ones for each other.  

With all my love,

MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
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5 Responses Jul 27, 2010

The rarest and most valuable of loves is loving someone so much that their happiness is our true desire. If they are happier or more fulfilled or more at ease elsewhere, then that is what we wish for them, happy for their gain, not focusing on our loss...

Because....I am far...because I cannot just drop thing here, is not in my nature and he know that, would never let me do so........because I have two wonderful teenagers that still needs me and won't go to another country....because I put my love in someone that leaves in another country....and he did the same. Because he is better without me...than missing me.....and is so hard to understand BUT I want him happy, and I trade my sadness for his happiness. Not much more explanation than that!!!!!<br />
Maybe, I was never meant to be....but I was happy! Now I am so so so sad!

Syvilla....... I posted and I cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well his happiness for my sadness and that is LOVE...and as far as I am capable of loving this way i am proud of me. <br />
<br />
Softkitti...... That wow is just as simple as loving unconditonally<br />
<br />
Tks both for your time!!!!

wow .. just wow.. thank u for sharing

you posted this and i cried. so beautiful <3