Anybody Got Any Letters They Wish They Could Send??

I'd sure like to read them.....I've always written letters as therapy, even if I never really intended to send them....ever since I can remember.  Once, when I was in 7th grade, I wrote a letter to my mother about my father, while I was living with him....just venting.  He found it and kicked me out of his house!!!  I wish I still had that letter....I'd post it here.
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6 Responses Oct 17, 2006

Aww. Can't you recall most of what it said?<br />
<br />
& yeah. I wish I could send my letter to Narcissus (fake name) which I posted in this group... but I'm very scared to...

i dated a boy that was in the army.he spent about three months away on base one time.i did nothing but go to work and write letters to him everyday-all day.<br />
and i didn't send him very many of them.letters are such a great outlet.

I write letters like that often. I write to friends that have died, friends I have fought with, and exboyfriends.

i have a two letter both to my moms. but they are too long to retype. by moms i mean two different mothers.they are pretty harsh.

Oh, man. I have dozens. The only problem is that they're hand-written letters. I would let you read your little heart out, but typing all those up would most likely put me in a terrible place emotionally. Tehe

but it's great that you've written them, no? therapy comes in all shapes and forms and we don't have to pay a counselor to get it!!