It's Comforting

I write letters to my mom. She passed away in 2003. I write her about whats going on and I burn them so they can go to her.

I write letters to people thathave hurt me that I never send so that I dont have to say anything to them.

I started doing it when I was little. I wrote a letter to God about all the painful things I was going through and then I prayed over the letter and I burnt it....amazingly, much of the sting was taken out of what was happeneing. I dont know that its because of the letters really but maybe more because it gave me a way to have some kind of control in a situation that was beyond my understanding. I was able to feel like i could do something.

sometimes thats what letters do. help you get all the stuff out of your head so that you can try not focus on them anymore so that they arent just swimming around in your head becuase you can face them.
firefly21 firefly21
22-25, F
Dec 9, 2011