I Wrote a Letter to My Best Friend That I Cant Send

I have written a letter to my best friend recently but i can never send it because i am in love with her, its wierd becuase she is bisexual and i always thought i was straight until i began to have feelings for her........i don't know wether to tell her how i feel and send this letter????? to make it all worse she has feelings for my other best friend, but she doesn't like her back because she is straight.

what should i do???? please help ?????

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2 Responses Apr 10, 2007

oh thankyou so much for your hel i needed someone to be blunt and tell me the truth honestly...i really dont want to be in your boat but i think its best i dont say anything yet becuase if i ever lost her i think i would regret it for the rest of my life but i also dont want to jump right into things i think i wil leave it as it is (even tho its hard living a lie) and i will see if anything comes of it ... but there willl be one day when i will have to tell her or let her go.....thankyou sooo much

Honestly im not sure what you should do but i ficred i could tell you a little something. Im kinda in the same boat. I have major feeling for someone and i have writen her a letter but i cant bring myself to give it to her. Me and her kinda had a little thing in the past but i ended up haveing to leave for most of the year. Well i guess she lost entrest in me, im not sure how everything happind for her. I dont bring it up when i talk to her now. But leaving was the hardest thing i ever had to do. I was madely in love with her and i still am. But she looks at me more of a brother now. We are pretty good friends. Honestly she is probely my best friend. And i dont want to lose that. Ive already lost her once and i dont want to again. Its a really hard deshion to make. On one hand we can be in love with each other and live happly ever after or something like that. Or i could lose her as a friend for the rest of my life. Im Just not willing to take that chance. Like i said i lost her once before and i dont know what i would do if i lost her again. But its hard liveing everyday a lie. It hurts inside. So you have to make the deshion, tell her or not to. If you dont tell her you might be in my boat. If you do yall can be happy togeather, or she could get freaked out and not talk to you any more. Sorry to make it so blunt, and sorry if i didnt help.