Sort of a Poem

your silly image is still in my head
i should have moved on
because you said you are poison
and everything ended in anger
i shouldn't be thinking this at all
you will only crush me again and again
but i still miss u
ok maybe this isn't really a poem
i sat for hours wondering if you would walk by but you didn't
i only saw you when we made those secret plans
well maybe in spring or summer
who knows
i don't understand your concept of love
i think it is just lust
i dont understand what you mean when you say you are faithful
this makes no sense to me
maybe you are speaking another language
yet I am not faithful at all and I can admit it
maybe you don't want to ever see me again
i never had a chance
the timing was all wrong
but the passion didn't disappear
i still think of you all the time.
cookies1970 cookies1970
36-40, F
Apr 23, 2007