To Jodie

I think it would good if people posted letters that they wrote (and if they sent them eventually or not.)  Below is a letter I wrote but I changed the names and places for privacy.

Hiya Jodie,

I wanted to write ya another email cuz I express my thoughts better in writing than over the phone.  Of course talking face to face in the right setting is better, but I sometimes find it awkward steering our conversation that way.  Despite some of my friend's advice to not contact you for a period of time, I feel it's always better to communicate than leave people in the dark and let assumptions make up worse case scenarios.  If I didn't call for a long period of time, I think it would hurt you in a way that I don't want to happen. 

See, the thing is, we like each other but I'm looking for a relationship and you're looking for friendship.  I am very grateful that you opened up to me on our walk on Saturday and told me about your past.  I'm sad to hear that you've been hurt in your past relationships to the point of needing to put up some armour around your heart.  I think I could be very good for you, especially for where you're currently at in life.  I want to be the person to support you though your time of figuring things out, to be the person to push your boundaries, and to be the person who you can bounce ideas off of.  Most men have a Knight in Shining Armour quality in them and I'm no exception.  So if I were Shrek, then you'd be Princess Fiona and your dog would be Donkey.  = ) 

You said that you're just trying to 'survive' the big city but I know you can really live it up and make it the best years of your life.  All you have to do is change your focus from what you don't have like not a lot of money, not much direction in life, fitness not up to your standards, etc, to what do have right in front of you.  You are out of your small hometown, you have a nice car, you are living in a city where you can go to such beautiful events like Bard on the Beach, wine tasting, and the fireworks.  You have enough money to have a nice dinner on a patio overlooking the bay (or beer and nachoes overlooking the bay!), you have me who is into you, you have great friends at work that you have lunch with, you have a caring bro, you have your dog, and if you just believe that everything good in your life is here to help you find direction in life, then that will come too.

You are a wonderful person and I have already benefited a lot from knowing you and the 5 or so dates that we've been on.  I believe that everyone that I meet and spend quality time with helps me fulfill my goals in life.  Although I am disappointed that you're not ready for a boyfriend, I trust that if it's meant to be, then the future will bring us together in that way.  = )

What I'm going to do is leave the ball in your court.  I'm not going to keep chasing what will elude me.  I think you have a pretty good sense of who I am.  If you want to hang out, I'll be game, but I'll need you to put in some effort and call me as friends.  And if after reading this email, you think you want to explore a little further down the relationship path, let me know too so I know to open doors for you and to pick up the tab.  = )  But whatever comes of this, I want you to know that I care about you and I hope for the best for the both of us.  So the ball is in your court now. 


Bayside Bayside
26-30, M
Jun 5, 2007