The Feelings He Never Knew

When I was 16, the guy I had been in love with since I was 11 years old was deployed to South Korea. I was heartbroken.
I wrote him a letter (sometimes more) every day for his one-year-deployment. Out of all the ones I wrote, I only sent 2. The rest, I kept hidden under my mattress. After we got together (when he came back from Korea), we became boyfriend/girlfriend in September. In November, I told him about the secret letters I never gave him. He has asked for them and when I looked for them, I could only find about 20 of them. This is probably because I moved around when he was gone and the letters must have gotten lost over a year and a half. Sadly, we broke up a few days ago... but he should be coming home (back to the states) tonight from Saudi Arabia and I will give the letters I found to him on Saturday (he comes home).
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I wrote letters when my fiance was in boot camp for three months...I sent him some, but most, I kept. We had only dated for three months, and I was scared of the depth of my feelings. When he came home, we got married. Four days later, he was gone again, and I wrote more letters that I never sent. I don't know how many letters I wrote during his four years in the military. I know I wrote enough to fill a book that I never sent to Iraq. I had to write how scared I was, but I couldn't let him worry about me. He knew I worried for his safety. I didn't need to send him the daily digest of fears...I hope puck is right, and that you do get your happy ending.

I got a lump in my throat from this..Maybe there's time for a happy ending??