Writing Helps Me to Figure Out What to Say Later

I'm not one of those people who can't send the love letters they've written, or who can't send the letters that express how they really feel to someone.  I do write letters that I know I can never send, though.  I've learned over the years that I can't deal with a situation in which I am feeling overly emotional right away.  I don't handle it the way I want to if I try to.  So a few years ago when I started dating my first boyfriend, I would write things out every time I got into an overly emotional situation before I tried to deal with it.  They almost always came out as letters, but not letters I intended to send.  They were the letters that helped me figure out what I wanted to say in person later.  Sometimes I can't send the letters because I have written out the mean things I wanted to say but know I don't mean, and other times, I just know it would be better to deal with the situation in person after I write it out.  I've written quite a lot of letters that I've never sent, but there are only a few that I haven't dealt with directly with the person they are written to.
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I can relate to this. I write poetry the same way...because I know if I deal with something then and there, when I'm in the thick of emotions...I will say something stupid, that I could possibly regret later.<br />
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and I think love letters are amazing.<br />
kudos to you.