A Form of Therapy

it makes no matter the situation, if i'm upset in any way whatsoever, be it angry, sad, rejected, etc., i will write a letter to the person who offended me.  i hold on to that letter for 24 hours.  i then re-read the letter and weed out the over-exaggerated, hyper sensitive emotion from the facts.  at that point if i feel it would do good to speak with the person, i will.  i am now prepared to do this because i took out my emotion on the paper rather than the person.  i am sure to state how their action made me feel but i don't rub their nose in it.

i've also used this tactic in business - when i have to write a 'nasty gram' as i call them.

and of course, like most everyone else, i've written love letters that i've never sent. 

for me ... getting my emotions out on paper (or in MS Word) is so extremely cathartic and therapeutic.  it's been a relationship (all types) saver for me ... even the unsent letters!

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2 Responses Jun 25, 2007

tis why the first draft never leaves my sight! lol

It definately clarifies any given situation. When you put everything on paper (or such) It's a way to look at the emotions ob<x>jectively because you have already vented. This way not only can you see the situation for what it is you then react in a mature fashion. Good call!