Written Then Ripped

On many occasions, I have written letters pouring out my every last feeling and emotion to different people.  Usually I will write down what I have always wanted to say to that person but never did because I was too scared.  It's so theraputic to be able to get out what has been bottled up inside.  Immediately after writing the message and reading over it a dozen times, I rip it up into tiny shreads.  I never send these letters because deep down I feel that there is always a reason why these exact words didn't come to me during my time with that person.  In a way, I think it saves me from saying things that I may regret later but it is still a way for me to get it out.  I look at it as a "check and balance" system. 
reachin4goals reachin4goals
31-35, F
Jul 30, 2007