As a Form of Therapy.

I have written many many letters in my lifetime that I never sent.  All because someone once told me that was a way to clear my mind.  It really does help.  You have to sit down with the full intention of giving the letter to that person, but by the end you feel so satisfied you don't need to send it.

Unfortunately, I have a nosy mom, and one time she found a letter I'd written to her.  She also found one that I wrote last year to this man that I had no business developing feelings for.  Eck.

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I was surprised that it actually helped me alot.<br />
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Then later on I throw them away, when the issue has passed.

The act of putting in to words how you are feeling does give a sense of relief. I have drafts of emails that I keep and don't send. I re read them from time to time just to remind myself. Just have to resist the temptation to click on "send"!