I Lost My Mum Recently

Not long ago, my mum died sudenly so I wrote a couple of poems to read at the funeral. Here they are:- 

Where have you gone mum?
Where have you gone mum?
No longer here with us,
Where have you gone mum?
You have caused such a fuss.
I know where you’ve gone mum?
You’ve gone to meet your dad,
Don’t feel bad for us mum,
Though we are feeling sad.
Where have you gone mum?
Are you happy there?
Where have you gone mum?
Are you now without a care?
I know where you’ve gone mum,
You’ve gone to make a way,
For dad to follow on mum,
To be with you again one day.
You know that we all miss you mum,
You know we always will do,
Today we all celebrate the fact,
We were lucky to know you. 

Goodbye Mum
The time has come to say goodbye,
I love you mum, I will not cry.
We celebrate, your life today,
Not the fact, you’ve gone away.
You’ve left us now, but never ending,
The love we feel, that you are sending.
Standing here, side by side,
Your life has filled, us all, with pride.
We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs,
But we never dwelt upon the frowns.
A wife, a mother, and a friend,
Your unique opinion, you always lend.
So now we celebrate today,
The life you lived, in your own way. 

Feel free to use them yourself if you feel they are appropriate.

cyberseeker cyberseeker
46-50, M
Aug 8, 2010