Pieces Of You,

"Pieces Of You"

 You Speak,
You speak, I listen.
 You Smile,
You smile, I feel.
 You Look,
You look at me and I see.

 Everyone I've loved, a little piece of you I've seen in them.
Thinking they are the right one but never feeling it in their eyes.
 Seeming to move forward, yet never moving at all.
Looking deep in them hoping for a glimmer of another piece of you.
 It never reveals, simply because, they were never you.

Now that I've found you, I feel I've known you.
 I've known you my entire life.
Everything I've felt in others.
 Every piece of you, that I've seen in them.
Has given me knowledge of you in small pieces.
 Even without that knowledge I still would have known you.

You Touch,
 You touch, I shiver.
You Laugh,
 You laugh, I'm overjoyed.
You Breathe,
 You breathe and I live.

Take my hand, walk with me,
 Walk beside me.
Not ahead of nor behind,
 But beside me.

So when I turn, I see you and you see me
  and when we see each other, we can see our love
and only then can we truly live and feel complete, instead of in pieces.

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15 Responses Oct 14, 2010

I know how you feel peacefulprincess, I know how you feel...

just lovely....I think of my T when i read this.....thought he was my soulmate, but maybe i was wrong-feel he should be with me....

simple yet touching and beautiful.....if only one would write such meaningful words to me....yeah maybe someday.........

You worthy and deserving of true love....don't ever feel otherwise..

loyalguy is right here lexuslourve and don't cha ever forget it...

sweet .....thank you dear..(((Hugs)))

thank you dear....sweet of you..((((hugs))))

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beautiful....we all should not lose faith in the fact that we all have one(soulmate)--and that if you believe, and keep on--they enter into your life....maybe even re-inter......both souls must have and keep the faith (T....please don't let fear keep you away......i will love all of u; good and bad.)


Thank you 2wiceasnice, I'm glad you found it so, keep walking with me :)

Why thank you SW, I'm sorry they are in the past... trying to move forward myself...<br />
Thank you for reading and commenting my new friend...

Thank you my Queen I'm glad you find it so...

mtz1108 Thank you so very much, I am glad you enjoyed it...

Why thank you Roxanne, I know you know where I am coming from...

Brilliant and beautiful, soul mates finally meeting to become one.

I am mesmerized by the flow and the words you have written your emotion came through so strong yet soft. This is beautiful, I feel the sadness and the longing for what is to be...

Something I deeply believe in...<br />
<br />
Thank you Sunshine your comments mean a lot to me...

It is but the way we were... and not allowed to be as of now... it's that fate thing again...

beautiful wording...doing things together in harmonious gait.