Come To Me...

I run, through valleys
of green and gold,
through trees so thick
I've barely touched the sun...

The hills rise and fall,
the streams they flow.
They have bled and without this,
I would have never known...

I see her face
when she smiles,
within every trace,
I fly, I am free...

I can see the sun.
I know she sees,
through the glow.
She feels, she loves...

I feel, I love,
my heart aches so.
To my meant to be,
I feel, I must go...

She draws me in,
I breathe,
I whisper,
come to me,

My meant to be...

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41-45, M
22 Responses Dec 1, 2010

Love can last forever, <br />
<br />
memories, may fade, <br />
<br />
but, the heart, <br />
<br />
continues, on, forever.<br />
<br />
and, we wait..


Destry, I hope she feels this way too...<br />
<br />
Beautiful, I love the word, for true beauty, perfect imperfections and even things people would not consider, for there is beauty in what we even find to be, un-beautiful... <br />
<br />
:) I'm glad it brought a smile to your face Des... Thank you...

Thank you for reading and commenting, I am glad you enjoyed them takeawaypurple...

great words for a awesome u AW for sharing wit us

The beauty of what love brings to the room and words really do not do justice in describing what it truly is...<br />
<br />
Thank you TeP for your lovely comment and thank you for reading...

Thanks daddyd, and that just sounded strange right there lol, I appreciate your words in comment...

Thank you vicdrago... I'm glad you liked

Thank you very much Roxanne :)

Thank you Queen I am glad you like it so...


Beautiful Poem AW. :-)

your'e welcome.

B-Mystik I am and she is a great Love... Hopefully time will show more of this, peacefulness... Thank you for your comment...

Well thank you enjoythebeach, I'm glad you think so and you are welcome...

you can tell that you are inspired by a great love, there is peacefulness here.

Wow a very touching piece, that really fills the soul of the intended! thanks for giving us this!

:) WiB been missing you, I am glad you liked it and thank you for the comment...

Thank you, Thank you SunshineOfMyLove :) I'm glad you thought so...

Thank you very much B-Mystik, thank you for reading :)

Really lovely AW ... very moving.

Quite beautiful, AW, quite...thanks for sharing.