The Christmas Kiss

Santa I have changed my mind.
Nix the computer forget the TV
There is only one gift for me.

My special woman will be far away
Can you get her and come by this way
For my Christmas kiss if you need to know why.

I never complained the year of no trains
Did you hear me whine when you forgot the wine?
All I want is that Christmas kiss of hers to be mine.

I ask you Santa do not make me plead
Her sweet lips to kiss is all I really need
Grant me my wish please please please

The wrapping does not really matter
I need her kiss quick before I have a fit
She is all I need for my Christmas gift.

This Christmas kiss will be my wish
No other present can replace this gift
Bring her Santa my spirit needs a lift

When she spots me she will know
Her heart so light and smile so bright
There is no need for mistletoe that night.
hunnydipz hunnydipz
51-55, M
6 Responses Dec 19, 2011

Missed this one. I liked it very much.

She is one lucky lady indeed to have you write her such a lovely poem....<br />
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I too asked Santa but..sigh...didn't get it.....maybe this year perhaps..

And? Has Santa had such a special gift for you? :-D

No...Union rules state Only one person in sleigh allowed during deliveries.So he couldn't bring her to me

At least he could've given you her phone number! ;-)

Hello. . . ? I never knew you write poem ! LOL this one sounds so special. Thanks for sharing.

Lovely poem. I surely hope you get your wish.

Time will tell...Merry Christmas Hun xox

This is so beautiful I love it :)