I started to undress, unbuttoning my shirt starting at my neck and slowly, carefully working my way down. I could feel him breathing on me; his low breath, tickling my face. I lifted my eyes until they met his. We just looked at each other. 
And then he slipped my chiffon blouse down below my delicate shoulders and with his large, manful hands, stroked my straying hair away from my eyes and pulled me closer to him.
His soft, moist lips tingled my neck and his hot, sweet breath lingered and sent goosebumps all over my body. My blouse fell to the floor and he embraced me. His artistically heroic and muscular chest pressed against mine and as we began to look deep into each others eyes, I put my slender arms lovingly around his neck and kissed him. Softly. He kissed me back. Strongly. And all of a sudden, there became this misty, heated night of passion.
My skirt melted away while his hot palms slithered down my body and my legs curled around his waist. We fell to the comfort of his mattress, where his fingers teased my thighs...
I worked my own from his ears, down his neck and his chest, slowly stroking the hairs on his tummy and then I touched him. He felt warm and hard and strong. He slid his hand gently between my thighs and played in my hot, sticky wetness.
Our breathing got heavier, denser... and we played faster, stronger until he became inside of me. He was so many things, it's hard to explain; gentle yet hard, slow yet rhythmic... and then he penetrated deeper and deeper and faster and faster and he looked so beautiful. The night became vague and misty, full of soft sighing and cursive crying. I loved singing his name while he growled with pleasure. And as I returned to reality, I found we were laying in each other's arms, our slightly cooled, perspired and naked bodies clasping each other. This was heaven and he was an angel.  
mixedupmess mixedupmess
18-21, F
May 7, 2012