More Than Words ........

shaping my pillow in a curve
i thought of no one but you my LOVE ..
i close my eyes and the flashback starts..
closer to you but far apart ..
i thought of the day when life was our way
the day when i was most happy and gay
hand in hand , dancing in rain
you tried to catch me , but in vain ..
you hold me from behind and, whispered in my ear ..
loosing me is your biggest fear ..
i smiled and ran away from you ..
just because i didn't wanted to reveal my tear to you ..
you touches my heart , and asked who's there inside
i said nothing , but gave a smile very wide ..
because i knew , and you too ..
that answer is just YOU YOU and YOU..

and then suddenly something happened , something i never knew
whether it was lightening or the wind that flew
and i felt your wet lips on mine ..
ohh yess !! it was the most sweetest wine
i don't know for how long we stayed that way
but i wished to stay there the whole day
your eyes said to mine , you can't live without me
mine replied , ohh please i don't want you to be ..
now i don't need those three magical words ..
beacause what was left unsaid was .. MORE THAN WORDS .......................
tashu9 tashu9
Jun 1, 2012