She's Always On My Mind

I know nothing about writing poetry, but this is just my way of feeling closer to her, while she seems far away. This is actually a song i wrote for her, but there's no way i could include the musical notation for it's melody, so i guess it's just a poem, here...

They say love is patient,
But i can assure you that i am not;
I'm in such a rush
For your gentle touch.
I'll love you forever:
In this you can trust.
But forever could never
Be long enough.

There could never be enough time
To satisfy my greed;
I long To Be With You
And i could never fill that need.
I miss you,
And i want to be
Holding you in my arms again,
And never have to see you leave.

My sweetest friend, for you i'll wait
For i know that one day
You'll be able to stay.
I may not have patience,
But i'll love you always.

caeruleus caeruleus
18-21, M
Jul 3, 2012