For U Because You Always Pick Up My Pieces....

 I know it is hard to be fungirl's male friend because she always has so many guys hanging around her in real life and EP but you do it with such flair and I want you to know that I really love you.  You keep telling me that you want to hear and feel what is in my heart so here it is in black and white for everyone to read and see... Not my best works but it will do for now because it is my heart....


Why I Love You My Dearest and Sexiest Friend.....


I love your smile and big sexy eyes that turned my attention to you.

I love that you're such a gentleman- honest, loyal, and true.


I love the jokes that we share when I’m feeling down.

I love the way you comfort me and talk away my frown.


I love your dreams of the future and I can see them too.

I love the way you try so hard to make mine come true.


I love your courage to reach for the stars

I even love your intense fetish for fast cars. (LOL NOT)


I love the times we spend alone just chatting the nights away.

I long to rush through the crap so I can talk to you as I end my day.


I love the bad girl you make me feel.

I pinch myself-Is this real?


I love the way you look at life with  sarcastic eyes,

Telling me the men I see as honorable are full of lies.


You took my pain and have given me back my world.

For this and so much more I am forever your girl!



fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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8 Responses Jun 20, 2008

Thanks ladies!

You are one such person HC. Who would have thought that three years ago we would be friends now? It is amazing.

I loved this post. I have met so many great men in the last week and they keep finding little gems that I have forgotten.

Best friend that a fun girl could ever have. We have been best friends for a long time. There is even as group on here urging us to run off together. LOL

I chose snapdragon for him for several reasons. They are beautiful flowers but they are also full of surprises and can explode with just very little touch. That is my friend in everyt sense. He is definitely beautiful all over and inside and out.

I am glad that you have found such a wonderful person to be a friend...snapdragons are beautiful.

Thanks!! I owed him this because I am always doing the man so wrong and he is there for me over and over again. He spends so many long nights with me and he picks up for me when others abuse me and he is there for me to keep it from happening again. He is my snapdragon in the garden of life. He just lets me pour so much on him and to talk about my ex because he says it will fade and he is right. He protects me and he is awesome. He is my bestest friend in the world.

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Nice, FG.