Yet Another Poem For Him


My Thought as I Look Into Your Eyes

By  Jaycee (fungirlmmm)


In your eyes I see the beauty of a fragile flower,

I see your depth and your ultimate power.

The power you have over me,

When I look in your eyes that’s what I see.

In your eyes my world spins round
your voice is my passion in its sound.

With your laugh, your giggle, and your smile
You have made my life so worthwhile



fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
5 Responses Jul 1, 2008

Thank you and the man I wrote this for is all that and much more. He deserved more than I am capable of writing,

If only some one would stand and look deep into my eyes and see me......... Nice words.... :)

thanks surfin... you aree a great writer as well. I have been reading your stuff.

very well written

I read this and I feel the love as you wrote this poem. I agree with the previous comment this man is very lucky to have a woman that isn't afraid to tell the world he is special in her life.