A Little Bit of Cheese For You

To My Dearest Friend,


I love you and that is honest and true, heartfelt and sincere, and as you would say that is no bullsh*t. (teehee) Warning: You are getting ready to read some cheesy sentiments and without editing lol.  I know you hate the cheesiness but sometimes you just have to say it with cheese included. LOL


I know you never cry and that you are a brave man that has to protect me at every turn but you have proven to me that you also have a sensitive side. (Don’t worry I won’t tell your friend.)   I am simply amazed about the depths that you are willing to go to in order to make me smile. You are the brightest star in the sky when I am sitting on my porch typing on my computer to you or about you. As I have told you before, the people that have the brightest souls become stars.  Well you, my friend, are that brightest star in that sky and sometimes even overshadow the moon. I hope that your light never stops shining bright for me. 


It is amazing to me that you allow me to cry on your shoulder over and over.  I have told you all my secrets and there are no more.  I tell you something horrid and you show me the positive that came from it.  You are there as my constant reminder that I have a lot of positive in my world. 


You have had your share of negative and I hope that in some small way I have helped you to alleviate some of your negative feelings for those things. I hope that I help you in your day to day struggle to be a better person although I don’t see how you could ever get more beautiful.   


For so long I had forgotten that I was this strong woman and because of you I now remember.  I know that you are always there to remind me and to help me get even stronger. With you I feel like Wonder Woman and that I am invincible.  I hope that more negative never comes into either one of our worlds but we are both strong and together we will **** up the negative that comes.  I promise you that!  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your world and for being so many things to me.  For so long I was looking for a missing piece in my life.  Well I found that piece when I found you and thanks to you the puzzle is complete. I hope you enjoy the poem. It is about when you have found someone just when you needed them most.



Just When I Needed You Most

When I needed someone most

You were the one who was there

You understood how I felt

And showed me that you care.



There were secrets I kept inside

For no one else to ever know

Hidden deep within my broken heart

But for you I let them show.



Although you couldn’t see me

I really think you knew

How much my heart was broken.

And just what to say and do.



I really opened up my heart to you

And told you the secrets deep inside

But never once did you criticize me

Even when I became emotional and cried.



From a distance you reached out,

Showing me that you care.

When I need truly need someone

You are the one that is always there.



You will say it’s no big deal

It is just between friends

But you changed my life

And I hope our love never ends



"See.... how can you refuse a little cheese from a cutie like me?  You know you love my cheese so why not just take it and smile?  You know you want to...come on. LOL"

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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9 Responses Jul 4, 2008

fab poem, do you write alot x

All the time.

I love to write and I am constantly doing some type of writing. I wish I could write fiction all the time and make a living doing so but tech writing pays better in my case.

Beautiful and inspiring Poem. Thanks for sharing, I'll share it too with my girlfriend!

Thanks Sherry. I wrote this post for Silver01ta. He was, and is still my very best friend in the world.

Very beautiful poem

Oh this is about my best friend. I forgot I had written this about him. Thanks for commenting and giving me the opportunity to read it again.

You are welcome. It is about a very close friend.

That is very nice thanx for shareing it

I have so many friends snowy and for THAT I am lucky. I just have these special people in my life that have become my non-biological family and they love me through any hurt that comes my way. Our mutual friend is one such person. He loves me so deeply that I forget about anyone else sometimes.

OMG fungirlmmm..that was beautiful..cheesy or not :).. Very heartfelt and honest, you are a lucky woman!!