Once I Roamed Amoungst The Bush And Fauna

suddenly no notice no warning just gone. in the blink of a eye all he was is gone. The ultimate ocker! A really nice bloke. just lived his life: work-missus -a drink n smoke A third of his day working A third sleeping -food - his missus-helping folk. A third was the bush bike riding a swim or just walking. Maybe a party with a beer and a joke. On the highway he went surrounded by bush. His soul left abruptly with a almighty push. Part of the road toll! Mother nature said No! He is all mine! Part of the fauna i lose all the time. So on a warm sunny day n afternoon Balmy evenings with a drink or two Toast G^DAy to Daniel he'll smile if you do and wander the bush as bush fauna do.
sunsetrosemarie74 sunsetrosemarie74
36-40, F
1 Response Nov 14, 2012

Lol! Enjoyed that, mostly the language, it made it entertaining. :)