Hearts Intertwined: A Poem Dedicated To My Second Love

I see him sitting there
My eyes drifting to his curly black hair
His smile bright and wide
I'm getting all hot, my cheeks turning as red as the California smog outside the windows
My heart starts racing when I hear his voice,
Deep, smooth, kind, sexy and mysterious
I let my mind drift to the past, when he mystified me, intrigued me
Before I even discovered what I was.
I realize that I was looking in the wrong places before, and now I'm looking in just the right place
for the guy I've always wanted...
I'm looking at his brown eyes, his small, pink lips
I'm smelling him..he smells of cologne, and the best kind
I'm feeling him...his hands warm against mine
And it's almost as if I can feel his heart. He seems happy around me,
More alive, if that's even possible,
But his heart is so comfortable...he is so comfortable.
Comfortable being around me? Or...am I comfortable being around him?
It's both...The feeling is intertwined; it affects the both of us.
I never saw this coming, but I've never felt more focused and more serene...but how is it that
I feel both these things at the same time?
Could this be love?
Maybe the other guy I loved wasn't the real deal
I can't even bother to think about him now..not now while I'm around him.
I was right when I decided to move back here, to my old home,
For it really is a fresh start for me...
DaysEJole DaysEJole
22-25, M
Dec 14, 2012