Footsteps In The Sand

We’ve taken slow and careful steps while we walk hand in hand
Look back and see the long trail of our footsteps in the sand.

We took easy steps and hard steps, what is next we do not know
but no matter what, I’ll hold your hand, I won’t let go.

I know I haven’t always done what I said that I would do,
sometimes I forget, but my intentions are all true.

If you give me your trust, then it’s a gift I have not earned.
That nice men can’t be trusted was a painful lesson learned.

I know it’s hard to trust someone you’ve never met before
so maybe when I visit you, then you will trust me more.

All that I can do till then is love you all I can
& hope you’ll say my name when your friends ask you “who’s your man?”

It’s so hard to wait until this dream of mine comes true;
Walking barefoot in the sand, hand in hand with you.

JohnneyBravo JohnneyBravo
36-40, M
Dec 16, 2012