BECAUSE Naughty Me Misses Naughty You


Inside fungirl is the naughty me,.
One that I rarely let others see.

One that wants to feel you deep inside,
Lights on because there's no reason to hide.

One that wants to be felt by you,
What else would I want to do?

I want your naughty hands caressing my soft, silky skin,
Not just once simply said I need it over and over again.

My naughty passion for you just can't leave me for some reason,
No matter what time of day, hour, week, month or season.

I know we are naughty soul mates when I look into your face.
Just to hear your masculine sensual voice makes my heart race.

I think you feel the same way about me
Come to me baby and just let us be.



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28 Responses Sep 16, 2008

That's amazing, love it.

Wow, this is another post I had completely forgotten about.

Awww you are so adorable.

I am sure you are a shoe in for the position. Thank you :-)

Hehe that is funny. That is a great ideas though.

I hope it goes really, really, really, really well for you! <br />
<br />
Jaycee's "Lust Because" line for the sexually intense. Don't forget us little people ;-)

LOL funny! I have an interview with a greeting card company next week.

Hot, sexy poem, FG!<br />
You should start a series of romantic 'Lust because' cards!

Thanks Soul

LOL Thanks Eli. I have been enjoying your contributions here too. Thanks for sharing a moment with me today.

Good poem, fungirl! It takes a lot of feeling to write something so openly passionate, plus faith to post it here. Thank-you for sharing it with us. I also like 21butterfly's feedback, from Sept. 16th. Your stanzas sure make me want to get reach out for Ms. Right ' n ' Naughty, too.

LOL I am an evil naughty but I am ohhhhhh so good at it.

Let's get Naughty but remember to play nice. :)

Thanks BJ.

Wow... I hope there is a man lucky enough out there to receive that type of deep love from the author... and intelligent enough not to take it for granted. That is the kind of love some of us spend our entire lives looking for... and come up empty handed. It is at least nice to see that it still exists out there for some people.

MMM sounds delicious.

ILY2 HBY! Yes it is soooo much fun.<br />
<br />
TY Mother

Since when are you not a perv? LMAO!!!<br />
<br />
Seriously. No really. It is fun to be naughty sometimes, isn't it? With the right person, anyway...<br />
<br />
I love you FG :)

the poem yeah that's it the poem...fungirl isn't a perv. lol

the poem??

Thanks btw musicbox.. i just saw your post sorry.<br />
<br />
Kry, As I always say Naughty is fun because fun is oh so naughty lol.

Right there with you... I love being so naughty.

mmmm...good poem, fungirl! I esp. love stanzas 2 & 4.<br />
I think we all have a naughty side. Any girl who says she doesn't is lying or dead. Keep sharing your naughty side! This is certainly a safe place to do it!

And remember naughty is very fun because fun is so naughty lol

Ohhh naughty is sooo good Fungirl!

I miss my Naughty too girlfreind. Sigh.

ood stuff fun

Oh you are soo good at being badd Ms.FUn... makes us all wanna get in touch with our inner Ms. Naughty, and change "lookin for Mr. Right" to "Lookin for Mr. Naughtily RIght or Mr. RIghtly Naughty"!