I Have :)

After my first year of being with my boyfriend I wrote him a little poem and gave it to him when we went out to a chinese restraunt to celebrate. At the time I put so much thought into it, and I was so scared (yet determined) to give it to him.

Thinking back now, it was a typical TYPICAL love poem. All this about him giving me butterflies... Now I've been with him just over two years I just wish I had waited and written something even better.

I guess there is nothing wrong with writing him another of course..

Still he seemed pretty chuffed. He said no one had ever written him a poem before. Im toying with the idea of learning the guitar and then singing him a song but there is the small problem called i-cant-play-the-guitar. -iv tried already. my hands just want to do their own thing *sigh* I AM musical! but the instruments i CAN play are wind ones (clarinet and sax) so I wouldnt be able to sing. It sucks.

Working progress!

(found this on Deviantart thank you 'bomm2hell' you are a frikkin awesome artist this pictures my thoughts perfectly! http://bomm2hell.deviantart.com/art/abstract-love-82421400)

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Nov 23, 2009