Not Looking For Sympathy!

Yes, I have posted some very disturbing stories here... about my past or what I am dealing with at that given moment. I never post these stories for sympathy though! This is important! I do it to try to face my problems and past, to deal with it. And also to help others, if it can. You never know, someone might get something helpful out of my sad stories. :-)

There have been times, when I go through memory lane in my stories, that I am sitting in front of the screen and crying my eyes out! They are still painful and wounds that haven't healed all the way yet. BUT, I feel compelled to write it down and just get it all out there. And I feel better for it too! :-D

I just give a sigh of relief and go back to my normal happy self. This site is AWESOME, because I can do that here more so than any other web-community. :-)

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Yes! I agree with your story and the comments! I know these are the reasons I even came back to this site after finding it. I think that may be true for a lot of EPers. It lets you "get it out" and not worry about who or what others will think, but hopefully they can get a little something from it.

I agree, these stories can be really helpful to someone going through the same thing and who feels like they are all alone in their struggle with a certain experience. It does feel better getting things out there and then we can deal with it more constructively

I agree. I love your stpries and it it therapeutic to be able to write about these feelings.