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so to start im not to good at explaining things, it is eaiser to write than to say..   but here goes.  ok i was born in december 1987. as an xxy klinefelters male. i was diganosed inutero. i have always had a problem understanding things such as cause and effect. so impirtuclir i remember as a child ( well more that people told me than i remember ) i would brake things, take them apart, cut cloth, break bricks with a hammer... and not know what i was doing wrong, not know why it was bad....  as a got older i understood better but it never changed the fact that i just dont understand some things like cause and effect. school was hard.. its not that i did not try, but more that i fell behind because i did not understand how to do the work the way they were telling me to do it.  so i eventully droped out in the begining of 12th grade ( i wish i would have finished ). i moved out of my parents to try and get a handle on my own life.. i ended up moving in with 2 of my friends in one of theres moms house.. i got a job at a thrift store.. held it for about 2 to 3 months and i quit because i could not handdle the stress of trying to do things other peoples way.. when i just dont understand.  i ended up moving in again with my parents. and met a girl. who i shortly after moved in with, had a couple other jobs that did not work out. then i got on a gau grant through the state ( it is the dshs's versoin od disibility) so now i get $339.00 a month......... but anyway me and this girl lived together for almost 3 years and then get married.. we had been married for just over a year and half and she tells me she wants a devorce.... because she does not know who she is and does not want to devote herself to another person, she also said she may want to have kids someday and thats not somthing that i can do.... i also think she has had trouble dealing with my klinefelters and all that intales....   so now i have to try to realy live on my own, to support my self..   i am scared.......... im 22 years old

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I have never been diagnosed with Kleinfelters, although I'm pretty sure I have a lot of the symptoms. I am sorry for your struggles. You should really go back to school. Try and improve your own life. Alot of people live their lives thinking there's some greater purpose. Personal success, professional success are just examples of what people feel needs to be accomplished in life. All of it is pointless. We all die and someday none of us will be remembered. Life is about trying to make the best life for yourself since your here. You need to take things one day at a time. Instead of worrying about the past or future. Make decisions in your interest. This girl will not be your only chance. Your 22, your technically still young. But you need to make moves to improve yourself. For your own sake. I hope some of my thoughts help you. I wish you the best. You deserve it.

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