Anyone... Well Almost Anyone.

Do to a temporary state of desperation, I need some people to talk to. I usually don't go around posting my ID everywhere, adding random people, but it doesn't matter anymore.

Message me and I'll talk to you if I'm logged on, unless you're irritating me, and that will only happen if you're hardcore flirting with me or if you won't tell me your gender and age.

There are a few minor setbacks to talking with me.
I mostly use IM when I'm mobile, so it sometimes says I'm online when I'm not. Also, I'm generally not great at communication in general, so it may take me a short while to get started and become an actual conversationalist.

My hobbies include writing and talking about The Killers, lol. Or music in general. Books are fun to talk about also.

Just add me or leave me your ID in the comments or a private message. I'll talk about pretty much anything. I enjoy helping people with their problems, so I don't mind at all being used as a venting medium. I also love hearing good news.

Anyways, you can add me at:
itsjustme1001 itsjustme1001
22-25, F
4 Responses Mar 6, 2012

would love to chat with you! dgssbd3@yahoo

add me honey on

Also, I forgot to add that if you're naked in your display picture, I'm not going to add you. That's not really something I want to look at.

thank you guys.