Looking For Pantylickers And Pantysniffer On Ym

Hi there

Wow EP has all kinds of groups! Lucky Me ;)

I have YM and on several fetish sites, I've noticed that YM is a highly used communication of choice--which I never knew! Wait... actually a naughty cam guy suggested it to Me some time ago and that's when I first used it.

Anyway, any pantylovers who love to buy used panties on YM?! I've heard it's tough finding real sellers since there are many fakes--ones who aren't htwt proportionate, ugly and even guys pretending to be women! Well no games here--I don't like fakers and timewasters either so I'm 100%!

Not sure if anyone is looking to buy used panties from an Exotic Beauty but if so, feel free to contact Me here on EP and if you're serious we can YM each other.

If you're still wondering if I'm real, take a peek at My pantysite. No it doesn't cost you to look!! And no it's not a panty auction site either! Here you will see panty pics and the other naughty fetishes I enjoy that i found out guys enjoy :)

Looking forward to finding more pantyfetish lovers...xoxo
MistressM06 MistressM06
31-35, F
Sep 13, 2012