Have Had For A Decade

2001 and 2002, those were the days on yahoo. Everything was newish, and the rooms were pretty unregulated. As such, there were a lot of horny, naked people on there. Men, women, t-girls - you name it.

While I was dating my now-wife, I met a married woman on there. I had been online for a year or so, and camming was nothing big to me. She was a cam virgin. We flirted, and she sent me photos. She was a phys Ed teacher and about 8 years older than I was. She had teenage kids, but had an absolutely banging body!

I remember camming for her the first time. She didn't have a cam, but had a mike. She was so nervous, you could hear it in her voice. She was very quiet and timid when first talking. As I ******** for her, I told her to touch herself - first her boobs and then her *****. When I started stroking my **** for her, I told her to rub her ****, and then slide one finger in herself. Then another. AS I stroked my lubed ****, I began to hear her moan as she played with herself. Hearing her was such a turn on. I began leaking precum. I showed her and told her to imagine tasting it. Then she began to loosen up. She started to talk a little dirty. Told me she wanted my fat **** in her. Told me she wanted to squeeze it in her wet, tight *****. I told her how I wanted to pick her up and bounce her on my ****, as I continued stroking my **** for her. Soon I was close and I asked her if she was. She let out a muffled "yes." I told her I wanted to *** together. "Mmmmmhmmm" was her reply. I started stroking faster, my breathing becoming heavy. Then I heard her practically yell, "I'm cumminnnngggg!!!" I started shooting huge wads of *** out, one after the other. I had never *** so hard in my life.

Thus began a years long cyber affair.

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mmmm i miss them ole days, private rooms were the best now they dont have any chatrooms anymore :(