Two New Large Pee Rings

It had to happen sometime.... The last two nights I've actually gotten the mattress wet and left a stain each time. Both were my own fault, but not on purpose. The first night I put down the padding and got a fresh diaper ready to put on, but I thought I might ********** in the full daytime diaper. But as soon as I laid down I was asleep, and so wet my already full diaper, soaked through and over the padding, and got the mattress wet. Then last night, I put on a fresh diaper for bed but was so tired I forgot to put down the padding, and when the cheapo diaper overfilled it went directly onto the mattress, leaving another even bigger pee stain ring.

It's nice to have a visual reminder of what a helpless ****** I am, but leaving this evidence for others to find is really the only downside of bedwetting.

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1 Response Jun 7, 2011

There is a massive overlapping urine staine on my matterass just like every one If had.