Pee Stains

i have so many yellow pee stains on my mattress like so many in this group mine are from my bed wetting the mattress only gets wet if i split the waterproof mattress which happens from time 2 time mom wont get me a new bed till i stop wetting she goes nuts at me if the mattress does get wet as it takes time 2 dry out she as put my mattress outside the house many times to get it dry and for others to see to show me up i have a red stain on my mattress which is blood from onetime when i was on my periods and it got on to the mattress my old mattress is a right mess and it is GROSS AND IT SMELLS even when its covered with a waterpoof mattress cover
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Sweetie<br />
I wish you could accept your bedwetting and even embrace it. I would love to lie in bed with you and wake up drenched in your golden pee. To wrap your wet body in my arms and wallow in our private pool, savouring the sweet aroma. I cannot think of anything more erotic.

I often used to come home from school to find my wet and heavily stained matteras outside drying where everyone could see it. Everyone in our street knew I wet the bed but fortunately I wasn't the only one.

I have a king sized water bed and when I wet it it wipes up easy and the only rings that are there is the ones on the pad that they put between the mattress but when I was younger my mom and dad would put it out for the world to see.

yeap well that is where mine is right now out side for all to see

yes i call them the rings of shame and i also have to put my matress out side for all to see

yes the shame of others seeing a pissed up mattress out side drying sucks

sure does hun

i no how that feels when mattress gets wet

yes ut sucks