My Sisters Bed

uh oh...well my sister is in collage and she wanted to move to a different place and that place didn't have a bed so now she took my bed away (I'm bed less now) and I helped move her stuff and my sister and dad put up the bed they saw the yellow stains on it and I stared at it in the corner of her room praying they wounding say anything. I didn't know I left suck obvious stains on the bed when i wet it. Then they asked me what this was I smiled awkwardly blaming on food and thankfully they didn't question me but my sister was angry I was eating on her bed. Thankfully mom wasn't there cause she might of told her what it really was since she caught me once when I wet my bed. Thankfully she stayed home though! ^^

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bloodyrainbow bloodyrainbow
18-21, F
May 29, 2012