I Have Yellow Stains On My Mattress

Well, not many, and not big ones, just enough it smells like me, not prungent, not obvious, just.. cosy and alittle bit naughty, on the daring side :P .
My former matress was much worse, I have raised the bar on hygiene and smells now. Sounds like less fun doesn't it?
Well, it isn't in fact I have more choices now, more freedom in enyoing myself in private in my own time, limitless, diapered if needed. And I have more fun in public, because there's so much more to do now with my friends, colleages, new camper and making trips where you're sure no one you know will be around.

My first car stunk when I sold it, it was after a solo trip t france, old small car, I did know nothing about diapers back then, I bought a pack of depends on the road! But I was too used to the whole wetting, bedwetting, rewetting thing, that I more than not started to soak the chair, just like my bed I used to treat it like that, and then pull the blanket over me to seal the smell and stuff. My car was different, at first. After I had worked there in France for 2 months, It reached there limits of what people would bare when I gave them a ride. I was ashamed, at the last week there even was some pantypooping involved. Then I was caught by a tractor driver staring right in my crotch while I was just quickly changing my overflown diaper, he saw everything, my jeans where wet, my chair.. I had to eat and stuff, had to get out.. I don't know how I managed that, but I did.
At 3am I found my house used as a hostel 6 people where sleeping there! I was back 2 days early!
WITH the knowledge I smelled very much like pee, still being wet under my jeans (no diaper). And with a big bag of DIRTY underwear and some towels, smelly sleeping bag the works.. On top of that I knew all 6 of them must have seen the large stains and circles on my first adult matress.. It was just soooo embaressinG!

But NO
not a single comment I heard about the whole thing, kind of cool I all got away with that :P

And I get kind of hot thinking about those 6 random people 'living' in, sleeping on being close to my stains, and I wonder what effect it has had on them, and if they enjoyed it secretly in private, mmmmmakes me so hot..

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1 Response Oct 18, 2013

Most people would just be to embarrassed to mention to a close friend about his wet bed and pants. Everyone knew I wet the bed as a teenager but it was never mentioned.

Not with you around, who knows what they have kept hidden from you? :P