My mattress is really stained and smells a lot...the conundrum? I just don't care. Should I care that my mattress is terribly stained and smelly from my bedwetting or no? I want this mattress to last at least 10 yrs though based on its current state I feel that I will need to replace it sooner.
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It will never last 10 years at the rate you are going but I know where you are coming from. I used to always sleep on a damp, smelly and heavily stained matteras.

My mattress will be stained and smelly starting to night, I took the plastic sheet off and since my boyfriend and I both wet the bed it won't be long to stain and smell like pee.

Nice. Let me know how it turns out. A wet, stained, smelly mattress is the best.

No, you shouldn't care. Just keep wetting the bed.

Add me? Can't add you...


But it's heavenly having a stained smelly mattress!
If (god forbid) I ever end up single again, peeing the bed is one of the first things I'll do...

Couldn't agree more. I'm not single but my boyfriend is into wetting as well. We probably soak the mattress 30x per week😄

Well done, it'd be lovely to have a other half who loves to wet too... much urine is in that mattress. I wonder when I'll know when to get a new one...

Basically when it starts to rot...
Until then it'll be a lovely musky toilet you can sleep in with nice crusty edges...
Few poo stains wouldn't go amiss either, but you may not be into that!

Starts to rot? It's foam and really I'm hoping it'll last at least a few years...

You have to remember pee contains ammonia, quite a corrosive alkali...
But it should go a few years, my old one did!


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A lovely aroma!

Mine smell of downy. .